Linda's Corner: Hope - Healing - Happiness

LIFE! (Live Incredibly Full Everyday) with Martin Salama

September 19, 2023 Linda Bjork/Martin Salama Season 4 Episode 38
Linda's Corner: Hope - Healing - Happiness
LIFE! (Live Incredibly Full Everyday) with Martin Salama
Show Notes

In this episode of Linda's Corner, Martin Salama shares secrets to live incredibly full every day.  Martin is an entrepreneur, business owner, author, professional business coach, radio host, and the architect of the warriors L.I.F.E code.  You can reach Martin at his website or at

Some of the highlights Martin shares:
What is "toxic positivity"? (hint: it's about pretending that everything is okay, when it's really not)
What do you do when you get "ANTs" in your head? (Automatic negative thoughts)
How to not give up on yourself
Finding the balance between living a "happy" life and a "meaningful" life
Finding the balance between caring for self and making a contribution to the world
Dealing with situational depression
Dealing with the childhood trauma of losing a little brother in a tragic accident - the decision, "Now it's my job to make sure that my parents are never sad again" and the resulting consequences.
Being a people pleaser and pleasing no one
What is a mindset of lack?  What does it look like?  What does it feel like?
What is a mindset of abundance?  How do I change from lack to abundance by the words I use?
Rationalize really means "rational lies" 
Self conscious vs. self aware
How to build emotional strength - acknowledge emotions and find out why
How to transform from a worrier to a warrior
How to "Live Incredibly Full Everyday"
And more

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