Linda's Corner: Hope - Healing - Happiness

I am not a door mat (healing from trauma) Birgitta Visser

October 03, 2023 Linda Bjork/Birgitta Visser Season 4 Episode 40
Linda's Corner: Hope - Healing - Happiness
I am not a door mat (healing from trauma) Birgitta Visser
Show Notes

Early abuse and trauma left Birgitta Visser feeling worthless and invisible, but she learned to heal from her trauma and discover her infinite worth. Birgitta is a healer trained in multiple modalities, a soul empowerment coach, and the author of “Becoming authentically me.”  You can reach Birgitta at her website

Some of the highlights Birgitta shares:
Sexual abuse at an early age
Enduring her father's untimely death
Drug addiction, suicide attempts, death threats, and other trials
Dealing with feelings of guilt, poverty, shame, fear, failure, and low self esteem
Entering the professional modeling world to increase confidence
Coping mechanisms: drug use, trying to fix others, etc.
Learning a new skill set and a new mindset
It doesn't matter what other people think about you, what matters is what you think about yourself
Have compassion with yourself (don't beat yourself up)
Crying out to the universe for help and learning how to listen to the answers
Empowering people to heal themselves
Do something to make yourself better every day (breath work, meditation, journaling, walk in nature, creativity, make a bucket list, etc.)
Change your thinking, change your life
And more

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